Early bird registration deadline: October 25, 2024

Congress start date: April 30, 2025


Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the joint meeting of INoEA, PAAFIS and Aerodigestive Society which will be held in Istanbul Türkiye between April 30th and May 3rd, 2025. The meeting will be hosted by Turkish Association of Pediatric Surgeons (TAPS) under the auspices of these three societies.

As a rare disease, esophageal atresia has its challenges both in research area and on clinical grounds. Professionals working in the field of esophageal atresia from around the world have been gathering at the INoEA conferences for more than a decade. These meetings have had a great impact in understanding the disease process, promoting scientific knowledge and collaboration, and thus, improving patient care.

PAAFIS is an interdisciplinary forum on foregut disease from birth to adults and focuses on congenital and acquired disorders involving all organs derived from the embryological foregut.

Aerodigestive Society deals with the understanding and care of multifaceted problems of aerodigestive patients whose diseases originate in childhood.

Our meeting in Istanbul will begin with multiple workshops for a whole day which will be followed by a day of PAAFIS and Aerodigestive Society meetings in parallel sessions. A single joint meeting will be held in the last two days and reserved to cover all aspects of esophageal atresia which is the main subject for INoEA.

We are working for a prestigious international conference which will host a great number of distinguished experts in the fields of pediatric surgery, gastroenterology, neonatology, pulmonology, otolaryngology, basic sciences, nutrition, and occupational and speech therapy.

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